Academic Modules – Year 3

Year 3 – Preparation for Service: Ministry Practicum

The purpose of Year 3 is to: (1) develop wisdom and insight for accomplishing various duties associated with Christian ministry; (2) provide a practical application of the essential skills needed to achieve effectiveness and success in ministry; and (3) provide the proper elements of sermon preparation and presentation.

Christian Counseling 1

This introductory course provides practical techniques for counseling God’s way and explores the role of the church in counseling.

Christian Counseling 2

Christian Counseling 2 builds upon the foundational principles of Christian Counseling I to prepare the student to minister to everyday life encounters through practical application.

Gifts of Holy Spirit

This course provides an in-depth study of the source, types and purpose of spiritual gifts.

Sermon Preparation and Presentation

Sermon Preparation and Presentation Provides the necessary skills for effectively preparing sermons and ministering the Word of God.

Biblical Leadership

This course is an examination and application of the attributes, styles and objectives of great Biblical leaders.

Being an Effective Servant

This course provides a Biblical look at the proper attitude necessary to be an effective servant in the Kingdom of God.