Dr. Michael A. Freeman, known as "Dr. Mike," founded Spirit of Faith Christian Center in 1993. Dr. Mike's vision includes teaching and developing in each partner, the "Bible kind of faith" so that, as the partners grow they will in turn teach others to have the same "spirit of faith." The vision also includes building " Faith City" which includes a recreational facility, a battered woman's home, a facility for senior citizens, and much more. Dr. Mike's vision is to provide a spiritual, social, and economic structure to the Washington Metropolitan Area and throughout the nation, so that the needs of the whole man are met. Dr. Mike believes and teaches that every partner plays an important role in bringing forth the goals to fulfill the vision for the ministry. Dr. Mike is married to Dr. Deloris Freeman, lovingly known as "Dr. DeeDee." They continually make an impact through the Word of God by living a transparent lifestyle.  Dr. Mike and Dr. DeeDee have three children, Brittney, Joshua and Brelyn who actively follow their example in ministry.

In 1995, Dr. Mike, prompted by the Spirit of God and his love for God's people, created a venue to train men and women who acknowledged a call of God upon their lives. Through this decision, the Ministers Internship Program (MIP) was born. This program became a tool to help facilitate the vision and the needs of the "whole man." The first class for the Ministers Internship Program was held in the auditorium of Anacostia High School, located in Washington, D.C.

It was at that time, that Dr. DeeDee Freeman acknowledged the call of God on her life, as well as her faith in the leadership of her husband and Pastor; Dr. Mike, by enrolling in the first class. Members of the Pastoral Staff and others in leadership positions at Spirit of Faith Christian Center were invited to attend this class. The first class lasted for nine months, from September to June.

In 2003, the Ministers Internship Program became Spirit of Faith Bible Institute (SOFBI), a 3-year program with a focus on Christian higher education. Its Chief Operating Officer and the Chief Academic Officer administer SOFBI. In its historic first year; the 2003-2004 academic school year, 279 students enrolled and 79 students completed the program; graduating with a Diploma of Ministerial Studies. Each year since its inception, SOFBI's average enrollment totals 200 students each academic year.

Today, though the vision of Dr. Mike, SOFBI continues produce anointed men and women who are equipped and trained to carry out their God ordained assignments with excellence, with integrity and with a spirit of faith.


Dr Michael A. Freeman
Founder & Chancellor