Student Ministry Practicum Program

Student Ministry Practicum Program

Ministry work is serving the people of God. We are each called to fulfill this purpose, and we do so in a variety of ways. At Spirit of Faith Bible Institute (SOFBI), we're excited to offer our Student Ministry Practicum Program. This program is designed for student ministers who want to gain practical experience in a church setting. The SMP Program will give you the opportunity to work under the guidance of an experienced pastor and learn first-hand what it takes to minister to students.

The purpose of the Student Ministry Practicum (SMP) Program is to allow the student to apply the principles learned in the classroom to real-life situations. As a student minister in our SMP program, you'll uncover the answers to questions such as:

  • Do you know the purpose and plan God has for you?

  • Have you uncovered your passion for serving?

Whether you are in a state of discovery and seek to uncover your passion or know where God desires your time and talents, our bible institute's SMP Program is designed to engage and develop the passion God has ordained within you.

Year 1

Students begin to discover the art of serving during their first year of our SMP program. Through observations and varied interactions, they will understand how organizations serve the public. Student ministers will uncover some of the barriers that exist in reaching certain populations, resource availability, and how these barriers could be overcome. They will also consider how barriers affect those that serve and their ability to be effective in their roles.

Year 2

In year two of our SMP program, student ministers will begin to focus more on the clients of the organization and how they interact with the population they have chosen to serve. Students are encouraged to take a more active role in the organization during the second year of their practicum experience. Participating in group meetings (including leading small discussions under the direction and guidance of their mentor), preparing food or participating in menu decisions, and looking at how these decisions are actually made for the client population served will be on the students. Then, moving toward the end of the second year, students will reflect on how their participation and interaction in the organization has molded their heart to serve.

Year 3

During the final year of our SMP program, students should have identified a client population that he/she is passionate about. During this final year of ministry practicum, students seek to understand the inner workings of the organization. When considering your specific client population, what is the greatest need? How would you go about meeting those needs? What about the organization that you are involved with would you model? To gain insight into these aspects of serving people and understanding what accomplishing the task entails, your mentor should be in a leadership position within the organization.

If you are interested in learning more about our Student Ministry Practicum Program, contact us today at the Spirit of Faith Bible Institute. We are an online bible college that is committed to helping students find their passion for ministry and serving God.

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