CLêF Notes

December 2022

  • Good Leaders desire to finish/fulfill their God-ordained assignment.
  • John 4:34 ⁃ 2
  • Tim 4:7
  • God sends help to keep his leader on course/track/assignment.
  • 2 Samuel 12:13-14
  • Be acquainted with He, Him, Holy Spirit. We must distinctly hear His voice (rhema word) for navigation to finish our course. The logos word (i.e. written 66 books of the Bible) is not enough to live a fulfilling life. See Adam, and Noah didn’t have the written word, only God’s voice.
  • John 16:7
  • John 16:13. Spirit of truth is the guide
  • The helper, Holy Spirit, gives us the upper hand.
  • John 15:26: the Spirit of Truth will always testify of Jesus.
  • John 14:6; 14:16-17. Truth gives us the advantage in life.
  • The truth shares with us the components of the What, the Why, and the How in accomplishing the assignment. The word and his spirit are one.
  • John 10:27; 10:3-4: my sheep know my voice.
  • Preparation is key to receiving the assignment. The What, the Why, and the How to prepare you for the assignment provided by His voice.
  • Psalm 78:72: leaders will shepherd the sheep according to the
  • Integrity/genuine/uprightness/pureness of their heart.

Take time to spend time listening to Holy Spirit about your assignment.