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Mrs. Jeanine Carter


Pastor Kevin Adams

Pastor Kevin Adams

Pastor Kevin Adams grew up in Washington, D. C., after serving in the U. S. Navy, he worked in the Automotive industry for 20 years with experience in sales, finance and sales management.

He previously served on the pastoral staff of Spirit of Faith Christian Center for 19 years, and is the former President of SOFBI.

Pastor Kevin Adams currently is the Pastor of New Life Church, NYC a dynamic teaching ministry founded by he and his wife Pastor Melody Adams in 2015. He and his wife have been married for 36 years and are the proud parents of two daughters and two grandchildren.

Dr. Eric Cooper

Dr. Eric Cooper

Dr. Eric Cooper is a native of Washington, DC, and an ordained minister. An author of numerous published books including, Leading with a Servant’s Heart, Practical Wisdom for Everyday Living, Grace - It's Still Amazing, Covenant Relationships, and other periodicals. Obtaining a master’s and doctorate Southwestern College, a Higher Education Teaching Certification Harvard University, an alumnus of Howard University - ‘Urban Institute for Religious Studies’, with course study at Dallas Theological Seminary, he has served as youth pastor, minister of music, pastor, and teacher. A former gospel recording artist who has additionally held positions as VP of Artist Development with Artist Owned Records, a columnist for multiple magazines, a board member of Family Empowerment Ministries, and the Economic Empowerment Team. Dr. Cooper currently serves as the President of Kingdom Consultants, Assistant Director National Capital Congress of Christian Education – Authors Consortium, Assistant to Apostle Michael A. Freeman - The Fellowship, Fellowship Corporate Partners Scholarship Coordinator - Regent University, and a member of the SOFBI Board of Directors. He is a guest speaker for conferences, seminars, and various organizations.

Mrs. Phyllis Cooper

Mrs. Phyllis Cooper

Phyllis D. Cooper is a native of Washington, DC, and an alumnus of Georgetown University. She is the Vice President of Kingdom Consultants and a former staff member of World Vision DC - International Affairs Department. While with the American Council of Education, and Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Phyllis facilitated primary functions in the C Suite and was responsible for Annual Conferences including the American Council on Education Annual Meeting and the Congressional Black Caucus Weekend. Phyllis, a former Bank Officer - Burke & Herbert Bank, is currently a member of the SOFBI Board of Directors and serves as the Board Secretary. Phyllis is the editor of Leading with a Servant’s Heart, Grace - It’s Still Amazing, Practical Wisdom for Everyday Living, Perils of a Silent Man, Daddy I Miss You (Perils of a Missing Man), Covenant Relationships (Before You Say I Do - Oops I Already Did), Consider Your Ways (God’s Financial Plan), Nick and the Gweebles, Let Love Reside, These Four Wheels, numerous articles, and periodicals.

Elder Theron Green

Elder Theron Green

Theron D. Green is a finance industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in finance, banking, financial services, and financial education. Mr. Green has held several leadership and individual contributor roles within the Wealth Management, Commercial / Small Business Banking and Retail Banking divisions at reputable financial institutions. His expertise lies within the areas of strategic financial planning and personal financial development, financial analysis, and business development.

Outside of his regular responsibilities, Mr. Green also champions, participates and consults in different causes including, but not limited to, financial and economic literacy, financial counseling, non-profit advisory, and business finance. Theron has been, and continues to be, a frequent contributor and invited guest on subjects such as behavioral finance, financial planning, banking fundament and business finance basics.

Theron Green earned his undergraduate degree in Public Relations from Florida A&M University and his Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) from Howard University where he currently sits on the Advisory Board for Executive Education programs for the School of Business.

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Dr. Victor Grazette

Dr. Victor B. Grazette is the CEO and founder of HealthMed Education and Consulting Services. Victor Grazette is a Doctor of Health, a human and social physiologist, a respiratory care practitioner and a Leadership Coach. Dr. Grazette is currently the Vice President of Surgery, Heart Institute, ECMO and Respiratory Care at the Children’s Hospital in Colorado—he is also a member of their scientific advisory committee for COVID-19

Dr. Grazette has over 30 years of clinical and leadership experience, his pursuit of knowledge in Health and human behavior—both organizationally and individually has also earned him two Masters in the art and science of organizational behavior and leading through uncertainty. Dr. Grazette practices from the presumptions: - the mind is the epicenter of performance, the individual is not defined by his/her behavior, and the fully engaged conscious mind trumps both nature and nurture.

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Mrs. Taniya Windley, Esq.